Markets with Morals: What if we designed markets based on empathy that no longer relied on invisible or coercive hands?


As the new default paradigm, stakeholder economics supports business as a force for good. For profit and non-profit corporations exist and cooperate to meet the needs of society with empathetic leadership and holistic analysis of societal and market conditions. Market actors are embedded with morals that return workers home fulfilled, leave the environment healthy, and refuse to exploit human populations and individual limbic systems for short-term profits.


  • What movements are already moving us towards a stakeholder society?
  • What if corporate personhood is the beginning of the journey?
  • Can we reach enlightened corporate personhood?
  • How do we harness the power of competition to improve lives and the environment?
  • How can conscious organizations better exert influence for change?
  • Can we ‘cross the chasm’ to the new paradigm before 2030?

Terms & Topics

  • Stakeholder society
  • Cross sector integration
  • Social impact bonds
  • NGOs and Corp
  • Certified B Corps
  • Conscious Capitalism

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