We’re not organized to solve problems in our communities. And our dreams aren’t big enough to change that.

Dan Pallotta, Flat Org Chart

Applied & Viable

By leading, participation, and contributing to a variety of projects, the institute makes sure that our bold ideas fuel research that can be applied to real world challenges. Our initiatives help ensure that the visions, innovations, and executions we produce and propose are viable, today. From our Committee to Cultivate B Corps through our scholarship and online courses, we work hard to ensure our ideas rest on solid foundations.

Online Courses in Economic Evolution

A series of online courses developed by IEE that presents economics as an evolutionary field, adapting to societal and technological changes in real-time.The curriculum targets non-profit executives, board members, and civic leaders, among other groups, to assist in expanding topical public discourse.

Committee to Cultivate B Corps

Convened by IEE in partnership with Florida for Good, business, financial, legal, and policy experts work to advance the B Corp movement. The committee conducts research, shares B Corp narratives, provides assessment resources, and addresses barriers faced by businesses wanting to become B Corps.

Changing Social Sector Discourse

Research that focuses on expanding market economics to include the social sector. IEE develops metrics, builds models, and publishes research that advocates for a narrative shift from charity to infrastructure by emphasizing the ability of markets and philanthropic organizations to cultivate social capital.


IEE funds original research to inspire social sector and market innovation that challenges economic orthodoxy. We identify and cultivate creative new ideas by supporting graduate research fellowships along with undergraduate and high school scholarships and classroom engagement.