Culture of Curiosity: Can our innate curiosity build a culture that embraces uncertainty and encourages vulnerability to pursue consistent improvement?


Play is the serious work of childhood and maintaining curiosity throughout life can help us utilize playfulness to solve serious challenges. By remaining curious we can investigate, challenge, and change our own restrictive systems that no longer serve us well. With curiosity we can embrace uncertainty and be vulnerable with our fears to uncover fresh insights. With a culture of healthy experimentation we can become a society that consistently works to improve itself for the benefit of all.


  • Can speculation lead us to new thinking to address old problems?
  • How can we better utilize our limited time each day in our lives?
  • What unanswered questions would we pursue if society was driven by curiosity?
  • What systems no longer serve us well and how quickly can we change them?
  • Where do we want to invest our collective time and resources?

Terms & Topics

  • Speculative economics
  • Design thinking
  • Work week reduction
  • Time spent well
  • Emotional exposure

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