Recognizing All Value: By recognizing the inherent value of people and the planet we can build systems that nurture both


We will ensure that every child is nurtured to their full potential, that every person is provided opportunity for purpose and fellowship within their community, and that we tread lightly on the planet to protect it for future generations. With modernized economics that recognizes all value in society and the environment we can cultivate thriving systems. By beginning with inherent value we can build those systems to prepare our children for fulfilling lives and ensure that as we age we are able to do so with dignity for ourselves and our legacy.


  • How can we identify, cultivate, and nurture social capital?
  • What can indigenous cultures teach us about environmental stewardship?
  • Can we elevate the status of social and environmental capital in our systems?
  • Can we reframe charity to be thought of as social infrastructure?
  • How do long-held beliefs negatively impact our ability to thrive?
  • Can we provide all children with safety, wellness, and education?
  • Will we be considered good ancestors for those who inherit our legacy?

Terms & Topics

  • Inherent value
  • Assigned value
  • Social capital
  • Social trust

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